New Breed of Pico Projectors from 3M Revealed

A new batch of pico projectors are being introduced by 3M, providing a follow-up to their successful MPro150 and MPro120 models. The 3M MP180 (pictured) has better brightness compared to previous models with its 30-lumen lighting power. It may not be bright enough to watch videos in daylight, but at least the room does not have to be too dark. It also features a microSD slot and a friendly user interface for navigating on-device media. Meanwhile, the 3M MP160 is similar to the MP180, except for the lack of memory card slot and has a VGA display.

Both models are a bit bigger compared to their predecessors, but remain fit enough to be inserted in the pocket. The gadgets also have upgraded speakers and can display images in 800 x 600 resolution.

Both of the new 3M pico projectors will begin to be shipped in October. The MP180 costs US$399, while the little MP160 costs $349.

Source: CrunchGear

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