New Apple Patent May Point to iWatch Controls

People who have way too much time monitoring every Apple’s move (aka the fanboys) have reported that the latest Apple patent may provide clues as to how the iWatch will be controlled, even though there is no announcement of such a device to begin with.

According to AppleInsider, the new patent involves a unique bezel technology for small devices that adds touch controls to that area around the edge of the screen. Not only that, the patent also describes how the bezel would fade in and out of view, thus providing more screen surface when required before coming back to its bordered screen mode.

The bezel has its advantages and disadvantages among touchscreen-equipped devices. Look at the iPad mini, for instance. Its narrow bezel makes the tablet more portable and maximize its screen real estate, but it also makes it more difficult to hold in one hand without touching the screen. The concept of having the bezel appear and disappear when the need arises gives the new Apple patent some sense.

The new patent has a number of potential applications, such as taking the bezel away when the app is best-suited for full-screen usage.

The latest Apple patent approval comes after it has been reported that the company is ramping up trademark applications for the “iWatch” brand name in several countries.

Source: AppleInsider, via TechCrunch

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