New Alienware M17x Gaming Laptop Features 3D Graphics, Klipsch Speakers

Alienware has recently unveiled its new M17x Gaming Laptop with features that are added in order to further make it more relevant to today’s vastly improving gaming environment. Now that 3D has become quite popular both in movies and in the future of gaming, it may only be fit for the new gaming laptop to feature some 3D capability. There are other features that will make this recent Alienware gaming laptop even more interesting.

The Alienware M17x Gaming Laptop now will feature Intel’s new Sandy Bridge processors. The base unit will come with a 4GB dual channel DDR3 RAM, a NVIDIA Video Card for 3D graphics, a choice for 512 GB or 1.5TB hard drive, WiFi and Bluetooth connectivity. This gaming laptop also comes with a 17.3 inch Full HD display screen and long battery life for extended gaming.

Aside from that, the Alienware M17x also comes in a striking form factor that makes use of attractive lighting controls that not only adds some gaming appeal to the device but also offers convenience with the illuminated keyboard, touchpad and more. The new M15x also comes with Klipsch speakers that will provide a better sound output to complement the better visuals. The Alienware M17x is now available at Dell. With this gaming laptop highly customizable, the price for the base unit starts at US$1499.

Image Source: Dell

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