Neuros-powered WhereverTV


You get up one morning to watch international television programming. You turn on your PC, browse the website, and watch live TV channels individually on the PC monitor. Now, you don’t have to go through this hassle. With the Neuros-powered WhereverTV, you can now watch hundreds of foreign channels in over 40 languages from almost a hundred countries directly to your TV.

With a broadband Internet connection that has a router and standard TV, you’re ready to watch your favorite international channels. You only need to have the 5-in x 5-in x 1-in box simultaneously linked to the router and your TV. The lightweight and portable WhereverTV enables browsing, managing, and streaming of international TV programs. The device comes with a remote control.

WhereverTV exhibits some similarities with Neuros OSD. In terms of flexibility, WhereverTV is behind the superior ZVBox, which enables you to tap not only one facet of Internet video, but all segments. However, with a buying price of $199.99 and without the hassles of activation, recurring, or service fees, WhereverTV could be just what international TV junkies are looking for. With WhereverTV, your TV viewing experience is now more convenient and comfortable.


Image Source: engadget

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