Netgear 3G Mobile Broadband Wireless Router

Netgear 3g

Wireless connectivity has become an important aspect for many people when going online. And the fact that going online has become more mobile, wireless connectivity becomes a necessity. And with with mobile computing now going into 3G mode, things are getting even better.

Wireless connectivity becomes even more convenient with the Netgear 3G Mobile Broadband wireless router. This new gadget give you the opportunity to stay connected online even in places where it may be difficult to. With a mobile 3G broadband connection, you can enjoy wireless connectivity where cables and DSL can’t.

The Netgear 3G Mobile Broadband wireless router can allow you to create instant Wi-Fi hotspots in remote locations that cable and DSL Internet can’t. One can either create a single dedicated connection or can have it shared among multiple users. This device also offers WiFi and VPA security features to allow a more secure and well protected online experience.

Image Source: Netgear

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