Netatmo Urban Weather Station

With the crazy weather that we are experiencing nowadays, it is becoming even more important trying to keep abreast of what the day’s weather will be. Weather reports may sometimes just provide what the weather is in major areas and may not include what the weather will be in your neck of the woods. If you wish to get a more accurate weather report, you can personally have your own Netatmo Urban Weather Station.

The Netatmo Urban Weather Station can be your means of getting accurate weather data to help you gauge what the day’s weather will be. It comes with aluminum-bodied sensors that can measure indoor and outdoor weather data. This personal weather station can provide user with temperature and humidity readings, both indoors and outdoors. It can also provide barometric readings and provide you with a detailed 7-day forecast of the weather based on the data the weather station acquires.

Not only that, the Netatmo Urban Weather Station can also monitor indoor CO2 levels to help users know when it’s time to ventilate the interior spaces of the home. The device can also measure sound levels to help users monitor noise pollution. But what makes this device even more useful is that it can wirelessly send out the data and weather forecast via Wi-Fi to your smartphone or tablet. All the user needs to do is to install the iOS or Android app for the appropriate device.

When the device is connected to the wireless router of the home network, users can even monitor weather as well as the air quality conditions in the home virtually from anywhere. Users just need to go online and access the online personal dashboard of the Netatmo Urban Weather Station from the Web. The Netatmo Urban Weather Station is available at Brookstone for US$180.

Image Source: Brookstone

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