Neonode AirBar Sensor Announced

Neonode AirBar SensorTouch screen features have become more popular among the newest gadgets we have today. From tablets, smartphones and even the newest laptop and desktops versions, touch screen functionality has become a common feature. Some people have moved on to use such devices instead of their non-touch screen versions. But there can still be a chance for non-touch screen gadgets to get the same functionality with the new Neonode AirBar Sensor.

The Neonode AirBar Sensor is a device that will allow users to give touch screen features to displays that do not have such functionality. The AirBar sensor features zForce AIR Technology, which provides touch functionality to new and existing non-touch screen displays on devices that run on Windows and Chrome OS. The AirBar sensor is a slim module that can attach magnetically to the bottom of a desktop or any other compatible display. It is plugged into an available USB port and the sensor is activated. It then emits an invisible wall of light in front of the display to detect the user’s touch and gestures. With the AirBar Sensor, users can now use the usual touch actions such as swiping, pinching, scrolling and zooming on any non-touch display.

The Neonode AirBar Sensor is a convenient solution to offer touch features to non-touch screen displays. It is easy to set up and is already plug-and-play so people need not do anything else other than set it up on the base of a non-touch display and plug in the USB. The new Neonode AirBar is set to be introduced in the upcoming CES 2016 in Las Vegas this coming January. It is expected to retail at around $49 when it comes out in the market.

Image Source: Air.Bar

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