Neoi 906E, the Thinnest QWERTY phone

Neoi 906e

Smartphones nowadays are becoming more and more advanced, with new features being introduced within just months apart. We are not just talking abut the big brands like Nokia and Motorola, as smaller mobile phone makers are jumping into the smartphone wagon and even introduced the people on what could be the next face of smartphones.

Neoi, a mobile phone manufacturer in Germany, has released previews of their latest model Neoi 906E. The company labels it as "The World’s Thinnest QWERTY phone" and "The first micro-sized Java J2Me hand phone." Set to be launched in 2009, the phone features a very thin body at 54 x 83 x 10 millimeters, almost the size of a credit card.

The Neoi 960E works on tri-band GSM/ GPRS, highlighted by a full QWERTY keyboard. The manufacturer also claims that the phone unit would also feature an mp3 player, FM radio, a camera, a microSD slot, 512 MB memory, Java 2.0, as well as some shortcut keys on the upper right of the phone. The phone would also enable to get connected using Bluetooth, USB, GPRS, and WAP.

This thin smartphone would also have an exclusive MSN Chat client called Neoi Coomsuite, which they aim to be compatible with ICQ, Yahoo!, and AOL Messenger. However, registering to Coomsuite does not appear to be free of charge. It would also contain nifty programs like an image editor, BMI and menstrual calculators, melody composer, stop watch, currency converter, and an e-mail client.

In all honesty, the more you read about the Neoi 906E, the more you question how plausible it would be. With its design similar to the Casio electronic organizer back in the 1990s, and unusually thin body, how could they fit every feature into it?

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