NeoGeo X Portable

There will always be people or gamers out there who would want to continue playing those classic games that they have grown to love through the years. Call it some sort of nostalgia, but even gamers like to drive down memory lane at one time or another. And for those who loved playing the NeoGeo game classics of yesteryears, they may now be able to do so on a portable gadget using the NeoGeo X Portable gaming device.

The NeoGeo X Portable was announced by Tommo Inc. as a means for classic NeoGeo game enthusiasts to continue enjoying the classic games that, interestingly, has still been getting some level of popularity among gamers. This new portable gaming system comes pre-loaded with 20 classic NeoGeo games that players can instantly access and play through the device. Its previous version comes with a docking station that will allow the portable device to be connected to an HDTV via a HDMI slot for those who prefer a larger display screen to play with. But the recent version has taken the docking station out and made it as a separate purchase in order to make the device more affordable for the general public.

The NeoGeo X Portable comes with a 4.3 inch LCD screen and a button configuration typical to that of a classic system. To make it even more of a realistic arcade style gaming of the past, there is also a joystick style controller available for the device as a separate purchase. In order to generate more users of the device, the makers are also planning to develop and introduce newer games for the device that will be available via expandable card slots. The makers of the NeoGeo X Portable are still quite mum on its date of availability. But they already have announced the expected retail price of the device, to be set at around US$130.

Image Source: Neo Geo X

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