NEC US110 thin-client PC

Nec US110 thin-client PC

One should be forewarned that NEC US110 thin-client PC is not a full-pledged PC, although it can attain a performance as that of thin-client machine. It’s small size makes it very tempting to own at a dimension of 150mm(W)x94mm(D)x30.44mm(H) and weight of 350g.

This tiny client desktop comes with 5USB 2.0 ports, 128 MB RAM, a resolution of upto 1600×1200 and gigabit ethernet. It also supports Remote Desktop Protocol 5.5 (Microsoft WIndows Server 2003 TerminalService or Microsoft Windows XP Remote Desktop).

This small machine is compatible with a wide range of multimedia capabilities. The US110 is capable of playing MPEG, Flash and WMV files. It also includes video, IP telephony, web conferencing and a wide range of software which deals with multimedia features.

NEC is available in Japan and can be purchased at approximately $417.

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