NEC Updates PaPeRo Robot for 2009

PaPeRo R500 helper robot from NEC

NEC‘s PaPeRo helper robot, which has been around since 1997, was introduced in its 2009 version at a recent exhibition in Tokyo.  The PaPeRo R500 is 38cm tall and weighs 6.5kg.  This cute robot can perform up to 200 different operations, such as holding simple conversations with humans or even blushing when being kissed by a girl.  It also has a built-in face recognition software, so it can identify up to 30 different people and change its behavior depending on the person it is speaking to.  The PaPeRo can work for about 100 minutes before having to automatically recharge its lithium-ion battery.

The PaPeRo R500 helper robot will soon be available for lease to any robot-crazy Japanese resident for about US$600 per month.

Image source:  Robot Watch

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