NEC MultiSync EA190M Desktop Screen

NEC MultiSync EA190M Standard-Aspect Ratio Display

You may have noticed the deluge of high-definition desktop displays that abound in the market, but what about those who prefer the simpler things in life?  NEC thought about those people; that is why they are coming up with a LCD monitor on standard-aspect ratio.

The 19-inch NEC MultiSync EA190M displays videos in standard-aspect ratio with a native resolution of 1280 x 1024, which is ideal in a variety of business, education, and government environments.  Besides, many schools and offices are not keen about watching movies and playing online games, while browsing through Web pages on some high-definition displays provide really wide white margins on both sides, making the texts and images smaller than they actually are. 

Apart from this feature, this LCD screen has several eco-friendly features that promise to improve energy efficiency.  The EA190M consumes half the amount of energy and has 50% less mercury compared to traditional LCD monitors.  Users can also switch to ECO Mode at one touch of a button.  It even includes a carbon footprint meter to track carbon savings and adjust their power settings accordingly.

The MultiSync EA190M also features a 900:1 contrast ratio, full-motion video with Rapid Response of five milliseconds, all responsible in providing enhanced screen performance as well as bright, crisp images.  Meanwhile, its 4-way ergonomic stand lets users adjust the screen’s height, tilt, swivel, and even pivot, customizing every viewing experience.

The NEC MultiSync EA190M is available in NEC-authorized retail outlets with an estimated street price of US$259, which also includes a three-year parts and labor warranty.

Image source:  NEC

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