NEC Medias N04C, The Thinnest Android Smartphone Yet

DoCoMo, a Japanese telecom company will be introducing another Android smartphone next month. But it may not just be another Android smartphone per se. It is the new NEC Medias N04C Smartphone, considered as the world’s thinnest to date.

The NEC Medias Android Smartphone features a form factor that is just 7.7mm thin and weighs a mere 105 grams. There are other smartphones that have been made that may be thinner in some areas. But the NEC Medias is the first to have a uniformly thin body from top to bottom. And its features are in no way limited by its relatively thin profile.

The NEC Medias Smartphone features a 4 inch display and runs on Android 2.2. DoCoMo announced that it will also feature a 1Seg TV Tuner and a Felica NFC mobile wallet service. Other expected features include an infrared-based data exchange and a quick shot photo function that can take consecutive photos in about every second. DoCoMo says that the NEC Medias will be available on March 15. No word yet on how much it will cost Japanese consumers to have one.

Image Source: DoCoMo

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