NEC M155 Messeneger Watch Phone

If you are a doctor, or someone who works for the hospital or the likes, there is one gizmo that may suit you the most. It is called the NEC M155 Messenger Phone. The cool thing that we like about this gadget is the fact that it speaks the word "convenience".

The NEC M155 Messenger watch Phone caters to hospital workers and health care givers. It presents  very convenient way of keeping workers in touch with one another. What we love about this phone is that it has the capabilities as that of a phone and the once-mighty beeper. The Messenger Phone has a strap that can be worn around the wrist or as a necklace. In addition to this, it provides mobility and flexibility for doctors and nurses in cases of emergency.

Moreover, it has an alarm and a speaker as well as controls in which the user can access or deny a phone call. Also, it has a three way line which is so integrated it becomes the best messaging gizmo for those working in hospital environments.

Though the features of this phone are only limited to calling and messaging, it is the best of its kind. Though the design itself may look so-so to users, it undeniably has one of the best messaging features out there. However, no matter how much we like this device, there is no word yet about its pricing and its availability. Yet we do believe it is worth the anticipation.

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