NEC Develops First Non-Contact Fingerprint Scanner

NEC has recently announces that it has developed the world’s first finger vein authentication device with a non-contact fingerprint scanner. The device, called the HS100-10, combines both finger vein and fingerprint authentication to make identification of individuals more accurate despite its non-contact feature. In using this device, individuals only need to wave a finger in front of the scanner for it to read both the finger vein as well as the fingerprint for identification.

Fingerprint authentication has long been used to identify individuals through their unique set of finger prints. But scanners can sometimes find it difficult to read them, depending on the condition of the finger being scanned. A dry or sweat-laden finger can easily affect effective identifying by a contact scanner. But with the development of the HS100-10, NEC aims to do away with such problems and issues and still get accurate fingerprint and finger vein readings and authentication. The new NEC HS100-10 Non-Contact Fingerprint Scanner is expected to ship around April, although pricing has not yet been provided.

Image Source: NEC

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