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Ever wonder what to do so you could organize those countless business cards you receive? Sure, you can put them all together in a bulky card album but once it’s all filled out you have to buy another. Eventually, you would end up with three or four albums and chances are, you cannot find that one card you’ve been looking for.

Thankfully, Neat Receipts developed a scanner that caters to business cards. This business card scanner lets you easily scan in the information on each card and transfers it to your computer. Not only it creates an electronic copy of the business card, it also helps you in organizing these information more efficiently.

The Neat Receipts Business Card Scanner takes the concept even further by installing a button in Outlook and ACT! that lets you scan directly into contact files. This gadget is even applicable to receipts, making personal home finance management even more bearable.

Overall, Neat Receipts Business Card Scanner is a convenient solution to organizing and filing your business contacts.

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