NBC Acquires Stringwire To Drive Citizen Journalism

NBC News announces acquisition of Stringwire startup

NBC News announces acquisition of Stringwire startup

NBC News, one of the largest news organizations in the United States, has announced it has acquired startup company Stringwire as it aims to gain access to user-generated content for news gathering purposes.

Journalism has evolved dramatically with the introduction of social media and smartphone videos and photos. Ordinary folks become eyewitnesses as they whip out their mobile phones, record major news events, and post them on Facebook or Twitter within minutes.

With the acquisition, Stringwire would allow NBC to access live video from verified contributors from all over the world. Eyewitness would even be able to capture footage in real time. Of course, NBC News will have the final say on whether the user-generated content will be broadcast across the continent and in hundreds of countries around the world.

Stringwire will provide user-generated content to NBC News for news gathering purposes

Whenever citizen journalists tweet photos or share video clips of significant events as they happen, Stringwire replies to them with a clickable link that would enable livestreaming of events straight from their smartphones or tablets. These photos and footages go straight to NBC’s control rooms.

In a statement, NBC News’ chief digital officer Vivian Schiller makes it clear that the company’s acquisition of Stringwire is an investment on both digital technology and entrepreneurial talent. Phil Groman, founder of Stringwire, will join NBC’s San Francisco office as its product lead.

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