Navigon's MobileNavigator App Gets Downsized and Discounted

The rise of free navigation apps like Google Maps Navigation and Nokia’s Ovi Maps have threatened the existence of paid competitors.  In the tradition of “evolve or die” strategy, Navigon attempts to grab a sizable market share by offering its premium MobileNavigator software into a more budget-friendly MyRegion.  What used to be sold at US$80 is now offered for only $30.

The catch, however, is that users could only get maps for one-third of the United States (East, West, or Central).  Those who would drive out of the designated zone could avail for another third of the map for $15.  It may not be free, but its often-updated database surely makes up for the price.  Plus, if you buy the Navigon MyRegion between now and April 12, you can avail the app for only $25.

Source:  Engadget

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