Navigon 7100 GPS Receiver

Navigon 7100 GPS

GPS Receivers has become a very handy gadget for car travelers who can now navigate without the complications. No more frustrations after learning that map you have been reading for the last fifty miles was upside down, and no more frequent stops to ask for directions.

The Navigon 7100 GPS Receiver is one of the latest devices from Navigon that provides navigation information while you drive. It offers a number of advances navigation features, which includes text-to-speech functionality, an integrated traffic receiver with subscription-free traffic service, and a lane assistant function for optimal routing. Other features include automatic time zone adjustment, as well as the ability to switch the map between night/day and 2D/3D modes. The 7100 is available in two version: one featuring maps of United States and Canada; the other containing a complete map of Europe.

However, it is a bit sluggish and the interface is not as user-friendly as other models. You also cannot sync your mobile phone’s contact list with the device. The text-to-speed function also needs improvement.

Overall, despite a few hiccups, the Navigon 7100 GPS Receiver is a completely usable and effective device.

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