NASA Reveals "Alien" Organisms in California

To those who thought that NASA is about to announce that they have discovered extraterrestrial beings, sorry to burst your bubble. Researchers have discovered a microorganism found in Mono Lake, California, that uses arsenic instead of phosphorus to thrive and reproduce. The “alien” part is that phosphorus is one of the building blocks of life as far as Earth’s organisms are concerned (along with carbon, hydrogen, nitrogen, oxygen, and sulfur) as all of the said elements are integral to our DNA and RNA.

Arsenic is considered poisonous. However, it chemically behaves like phosphates. This means that NASA has proven that life can be made with components different from what scientists have previously assumed, that just because a distant planet does not have a presence of water or oxygen does not mean it is devoid of any life forms.

Scary thought, isn’t it? But let’s just hope that in case aliens would try to invade Earth, the presence of oxygen would poison them.

Source: NASA, via Engadget

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