Nap Time Office Chair

Nap Time Office ChairPower naps have become an important part of every workday for many employees. Getting that 15-minute power nap can help boost a person’s productivity for the rest of the day. But getting power naps at the office are not always comfortable for some people. Sitting with the hands folded on the desk is not really a comfortable position for a power nap. Stretching out those legs lying down may be a more comfortable option. That is why this Nap Time Office Chair can be very useful at the office.

The Nap Time Office Chair is an all-black leather office chair that may not look any different from the ones you see at the typical office. But this chair can recline all the way back to make it ideal for lying down for a power nap. It also comes with an extendable footrest for added comfort.

With the Nap Time Office Chair, power naps may become more comfortable and relaxing. It can support up to 250 pounds of weight, either sitting or lying down. It can be so comfortable that some people may extend their power naps a bit sometimes. But then again, doing so may defeat the very purpose of a power nap. Instead of becoming more productive, some may end up oversleeping. But if that can easily be prevented then the Nap Time Office Chair is for you. It is available at Amazon for $339.

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