NanoGrid Portable Lighting System

NanoGridLighting is an essential part of daily living. Without proper lighting, especially during the evenings, people may not enjoy the convenience of the modern lifestyle as they do now. Just take a day or two off for a trip to the woods and roughing it while camping. This will make you realize just how important a basic necessity such as lighting can be. It is a god thing that even when roughing it, people can now have many lighting options available, such as the NanoGrid Portable Lighting System.

The NanoGrid Portable Lighting System is a special portable lighting solution that people can bring anywhere. It features a PowerLight that can work as a 360-degree lantern that can light up an area within a range of 33 feet. The pair of SiteLights are additional lighting that connects with the PowerLight for power with a 10 feet cord. They can provide a 150 lumen of light each. When used as a set, the NanoGrid Portable Lighting System can provide a lighting solution where one may be needed. It is made convenient with the PowerLight also functioning as a device charger with its 4400mAh lithium-ion rechargeable battery.

The NanoGrid Portable Lighting System is an ideal lighting solution for campers, travelers, or just as an emergency light system for the home. The bright lights can stay on as long as 14.5 hours on its low mode. At its brightest, the PowerLight can provide as high as 250 lumens of light as a torch, making it an ideal tool for making signals at night. The NanoGrid Portable Lighting System is available at ThinkGeek for $100.
Image Source: Think Geek

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