Nano Falcon- World’s Smallest IR Control Helicopter

People look at toys differently. Some look at them as simple objects to play with. Some consider them as collectibles. Others like them big while others like them small. For electronic toys, making them go small becomes a challenge. Some toy makers even try to create toys to the smallest they can. CCP Co. LTD., a Japanese subsidiary of toy maker Bandai Co., recently introduced the Nano Falcon, the world’s smallest remote-controlled toy helicopter.

The Nano Falcon is a working R/C helicopter that can fit right into the palm of your hand. It is so small that the remote control is even bigger than the toy helicopter itself. With a body size of 65mm and a weight of 11 grams, you can’t possibly go any smaller than that. But with technology today, we know that’s not really true.

For now, the Nano Falcon holds the status as the world’s smallest R/C helicopter. Even the Guinness Book of World Records, the premier authority of world records, certifies the Nano Falcon as the smallest toy helicopter controlled by infrared light.

The Nano Falcon comes with a small efficient motor powered by a built-in rechargeable lithium-ion polymer battery. A full 30-minute charge allows the R/C toy helicopter to stay in the air for five minutes. A remote control that uses four AA alkaline batteries controls the Nano Falcon via infrared light with a controlling distance of around five meters while indoors. The Nano Falcon will be available at selected toy retailers by June. Expect it to cost around 4,704 Japanese Yen or around US$46 when it comes out.

Image Source: CCP Co. Ltd.

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