Name of PS3 Motion Controller Leaked by THQ CEO

Sometimes, calling a device with its long name can be, well, lame.  Imagine your neighbor calling you up in the middle of the night and say, “Do you have a spare PlayStation 3 Motion Controller that we could borrow for our video game night?  Ours got broken when Little Timmy threw it while playing PlayStation Tennis.”

So to give the Nintendo Wii and its popular Wiimote a run for its money, Sony Entertainment would have to come up with a catchy name to give its motion controller.  Rumors have been spinning around that the device has been given a code name “Gem,” after John Riccitiello of Electronic Arts spilled the beans about it, but a recent company conference may have tipped off the real name of this gadget.

Brian Farrell, CEO of game publisher THQ, has referred several times to the Sony Motion Controller as simply “Arc” during the company’s earnings call.  With fall nearing, we will soon learn how this controller will be called.

Now, if only Sony Entertainment could come up with the Arc that does not look too… kinky.

Source:  VentureBeat

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