Nabaztag Bunny RFID Readers are back

Remember those cute RFID readers that look like bunnies? Well, the company that makes them went bankrupt, but was picked up by MindScape about a year ago. The new owners has since unveiled its addition to the Nabaztag family. The Karotz WiFi rabbit runs on Linux, features a 400MHz ARM CPU, 64MB of RAM, 256MB of storage, a webcam, and the RFID reader functionality we have been waiting for.

Karotz can either be plugged with the computer via USB or run off batteries. The webcam, meanwhile, features face recognition and allowing users to check the phone their smarphones.

The Nabaztag Karotz will begin to be sold in France in November (costing about US$120), followed by the United Kingdom in December and February next year.

Source: Engadget

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