Mythos XTR 50 Super Thin TV Speakers

With new models of LCD and high definition TV’s getting thinner and slimmer, using bulky home entertainment speaker systems along with them may no longer cut it. It may seem quite a clash in design with a sleeker TV connected to several hulking speakers beside it. That is why some people are now looking for slimmer and thinner speaker systems to complement their sleek new television sets.

It is a good thing that Definitive Technology, a company that specializes in creating high quality speaker systems, has come up with the new Mythos XTR 50, a set of super thin speakers designed for use with the slimmer and thinner TV’s of today. The Mythos XTR 50 may be the thinnest high performance on-wall speaker system available today. The thin profile of the Mythos XTR 50 can complement today’s super slim LCD and plasma televisions. It features a technology using an aluminum diaphragm that allows it to provide high performance sound quality despite its thin profile of only 1.5 inches. The Mythos XTR 50 may be available at online stores in the coming weeks. Its price is being reported to be around US$700.

Image Source: Definitive Technology

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