MySky GPS Star Tracker

MySky GPS Star tracker

The MySky GPS star tracker is a cool gadget to have for the many amateur astronomers or just plain avid star gazers. The MySky is an interestingly unique gadget that may help guide you to the map of the night skies. If stars are what you are looking for, the MySky may just help you find it.

Armed with the latest in tech whiz gadgetry, the MySky takes the easy route towards getting accustomed to the maze of stars that envelope a clear night sky. You may have wondered long enough just which star above you is which. Without poring over volumes and volumes of books about stars, the MySky will help guide and introduce you to the wonderful world of the stars and the marvelous constellations just by pointing out what they are and where to find them.

The MySky GPS star tracker is armed with the latest in GPS technology, magnetic north sensors and electronic accelerometers aside from a complex array of circuitry to give you the convenience of identifying, locating and searching stars through a vast maze of twinkling bodies of light in the clear night sky. All you need to do is to point the MySky at a particular part of the evening heavens and it will help you identify what star or constellation you are pointing at.

There are different modes that MySky to guide you to the world of the stars. While in the default "Identify" mode, you will be given a real time view of the night sky through its LCD display complete with constellations. The "Find" mode allows you to point and shoot at a particular star in the sky and the MySky will identify it for you.

The "Guided Tour" mode will help show you the stars that you may be able to see in your current location. With MySky equipped with a database of over 30,000 celestial objects such as planers, starts, galaxies, etc., there is surely a lot of star gazing adventure awaiting you. MySky would make it more convenient and easy to learn more about what exists out there in the night sky.


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