mypressi TWIST Espresso Shot Maker

There are people who like espresso shots and there are those who just love them. Espresso lovers would actually want to have that espresso shot as often as they can if they can, if only it’s possible to make it at home. Now it may be possible without having to buy that large espresso machine to get one’s daily dose. Espresso lovers can have the mypressi TWIST Espresso Shot Maker always handy.

The mypressi TWIST is a handy espresso shot maker that coffee lovers can have at home. It essentially works just like how an espresso machine makes a shot- using high air pressure to get the flavorful juices out of ground coffee beans and into that shot of espresso.

In the case of the mypressi TWIST, pressure is provided via small standard air cartridges that can create the 135 psi pressure needed to make espresso. You just need to add hot water, ground coffee and pull the trigger on the device handle in order to create that shot of espresso. The mypressi TWIST Espresso Maker is available at the mypressi website for US$169.

Image Source: mypressi

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