Mycestro Wearable Mouse

Mycestro Wearable MouseMany devices usually go through changes over the years. They evolve as people try to find new ways to make them function more conveniently and efficiently. So far, one of the most common of devices that has escaped the changes is the PC mouse. Although certain functions and features may have been added in to improve efficiency and performance, not much has changed in terms of how people get to use it. Users still drag it over a flat surface with one hand and clicks with fingers. Some may think that it does its work quite well that no change is necessary. But then, many people have suffered through wrist strain and other injuries because of extensive use of the PC mouse. There are also cases where lack of horizontal space will render a conventional mouse useless. These are reasons enough why the need for other alternatives may be a good idea. The new Mycestro Wearable Mouse is just but one example.

The Mycestro Wearable Mouse is a different computer mouse in that users wear it on their fingers instead of moving it around with their hand on a flat surface. Wear the Mycestro into your pointer finger and use your thumb to click on the side of the device to make it function. Whenever you click it on the side with your thumb, the Mycestro Wearable Mouse can then track your hand movement in 3D space. Your hand movement then translates to how the cursor moves on the computer screen. Gesture control enables users to have a free range of movement, not limited on a flat surface. Three buttons on the side of the device provide the Mycestro Wearable Mouse give this device its usual mouse functions such as scroll, clicks and motion. It is wireless, connecting with a PC or a laptop via Bluetooth, thanks to the included Bluetooth dongle. With a range of 30 feet, users can go about in the room and still have control over their PC mouse when needed. It is plug-and-play so users only need to attach the dongle to a computer or laptop in order to use. The Mycestro Wearable Mouse offers a convenient and different alternative to replace your conventional PC mouse. It is available at Think Geek for $150.

Image Source: Mycestro

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