My Touch Keys

My Touch Keys

Many protection covers available in the market today do just that: protecting portable media players. But with My Touch Keys, you can protect various parts of your iPod while allowing you to easily and comfortably type letters from the keypads. This plastic protection overlay, specifically made for iPods, covers the entire screen of the device except the keypad letters and home button. The protection cover does not impede you to enjoy several applications and controls of your iPod.

This transparent cover gives an excellent tactile-feedback and enables you to use the touch-sensitive screen technology features with much convenience. It allows you to key in words much faster and helps you to further utilize the QWERTY keypad with significantly less effort. Further improving the tactile feedback, My Touch Keys allows you to feel the location of each letter since; with the textured surface helping you recognize by touch each letter. This reduces typographical errors while allowing you to type faster with much comfort.

Overall, My Touch Keys is a perfect solution for iPod users who have difficulty typing on the touch screen. With this plastic protection cover, everything is made easier, more convenient, and more comfortable for that maximum iPod experience. The protection cover costs only $7.99, which is a very reasonable price considering its benefits.

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