Must-Have Golf Gadgets for 2011

Nowadays, every sport is catching up with the latest technology has to offer. In the case of golf, it is not unusual to have players show off their precision golf clubs, composite golf balls, and even infrared golf ball finder.

This years, golfers all over the world would be delighted to have these trendy golf gadgets.

Segway x2 Golf (pictured) – Golf carts are out, Segways are in! The Segway x2 is not only faster and more efficient than a golf cart, it is also better for the environment with its low-pressure turf tires that are gentler on the course. This Segway can run up to 12.5 miles per hour and can cover the whole 36 holes in a single charge. It comes with two lithium ion battery packs, a golf bag carrier, a scorecard holder, patented LeanSteer technology, and a wireless InforKey controller. The Segway x2 Golf costs about US$8,045 and is only available through the company’s UK affiliate.

QLink Cuff Bracelet – More than 250 PGA golfers swear by the “powers” QLink bracelets and pendants provide, including Justin Rose and Ted Purdy who proudly wear their bracelets during matches. The company claims that wearing one of their products could “enhance athletic endurance, realize enhanced physical and mental performance, improve your ability to concentrate and focus, improve your stamina and muscle strength, and realize less tension and anxiety before big games.” In short, everything you need to score low and win big. The QLink bracelets cost between $129.95 and $199.95.

SkyKap Advisor – Having trouble tinkering with your laser rangefinder or are your handheld devices eat up more time than actually taking shots? Inventor and golf enthusiast Gail Garratt developed a product that made distance measurement very easy. The SkyKap Advisor is a small device that can be clipped on your visor, collar, or on the golf cart. Simply press a button, utter a voice command (like “Distance to green”), and the Advisor automatically tells you the distance thanks to its realtime GPS system. Information on golf courses can be downloaded through Advisor’s course access website and transferred via USB. Each SkyKap Advisor costs about $199.

Source: BrightHub

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