MusicLens Audio Glasses

People who love to listen to music would want to enjoy it even while on the go. But they can find using headphones to be too bothersome. Most people do not have that much of an option most of the time. With the MusicLens audio glasses, things might just change a bit.

The new MusicLens audio glasses is a unique way to have an audio experience on the go. It is designed as a pair of stylish sunglasses with built-in portable audio speakers that work using bone conduction technology. This technology allows users to listen to music through vibrations via skin and bone. It delivers high quality audio while keeping the hands and ear free. Working on Bluetooth 5.0, this pair of audio glasses can play music as well as answer calls. It also features smart facial recognition that can recognize a user’s face and only activates the audio delivery when the person is wearing it. This way, users will not miss a beat if they take them off. The MusicLens alsi features smart touch controls that activate with a simple tap the side of the frame to control the functions.

The lenses on the MusicLens smart audio glasses can block 98 percent of UV, IR and Blue Ray light to protect the eyes. The batteries can last for up to 9 hours for a charge of one hour over a Type-C connection. It is also designed to be weather-proof with an IP54 rating for dust, water and dirt protection. The MusicLens is available at their website in 3 different styles and colors at a price of $189.

Image Source: MusicLens

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