Music Planet Waterproof MP3 Player Speakers

Many people just really love to listen to music wherever they are. If its possible to listen to songs while taking a dip in the bathtub , a lot would surely welcome the idea. Unfortunately, water and most electronic devices do not mix well. Its a good thing that there are unique devices such as the Music Planet Waterproof MP3 Player Speakers that makes it possible.

The Music Planet Waterproof MP3 Player Speakers is a spherical shaped speaker and mp3 player that you can bring with you inside the bathtub and not worry about it getting damaged. Its waterproof housing makes it possible for the device to still play your favorite music even in wet conditions such as inside a shower. It generally floats on water and can even be submerged and still work.

The Music Planet from Idea Label of Japan is not just a waterproof speaker, it is also an mp3 player that features an alarm clock and an FM tuner. Inside, an SD,SDHC card or a USB thumb drive containing your music files can be plugged in. This waterproof player and speaker runs on 6 AA batteries that can continuously play your songs from 9 to 13 hours. Unfortunately, it is currently only available in the Japanese market and costs around 10,500 Yen which is around US$120. You can check it out at Idea Label’s online shop.

Image Source: Idea Label Japan

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