Mus3 Wireless Computer Mouse

Using a computer mouse won’t seem to get outdated any time soon. While some touch screen devices may have made the PC mouse somehow come with reduced functions, it nevertheless has its own market segment to take care of. There are people who still prefer the use of a computer mouse. Using the Mus3 Wireless Computer Mouse will even make it a bit more appealing.

The Mus3 Wireless Computer Mouse has many unique features, most notably is that of its shape and design. It looks like a giant computer screen cursor, a perfect complement to that what it is able to control over the computer screen. It is USB connectable and with a wireless signal range of around 2 meters or 6 feet. The Mus3 Wireless Computer Mouse is powered by 2AA batteries and comes with an indicator to show if it needs new batteries. The Mus3 Wireless Computer Mouse is available at IWantOneOfThose for 30 UK Pounds or around US$45.

Image Source: IWantOneOf Those

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