Multiplayer Mobile Gaming, When Fanboys Battle Fanboys

Mobile gaming has its promise, but it is limited to the phone model the player is using. Each game has a set of compatible models, and each version will not work on another. This is why is was understandable at first why games in the iPhone remain at the iPhone and games for Android are just for Android phones. Not anymore.

A few developers have threaded what we thought was impossible: iPhone and Android users playing at each other in live multiplayer mode. An example of this is Skies of Glory (pictured) by Social Gaming Network, an aerial battle game ported to the Android 2.0+ while keeping the ability to communicate with an iOS device–like the iPhone–using WiFi, 3G, or Bluetooth. Looks like this would be a stress reliever for fanboys of both sides as they gang up on one another, just kidding.

Other game titles that enable players from either side battle each other are Raging Thunder 2 from Polarbit, a high-speed driving race, and baseball title Homerun Battle 3D by Touch Arcade.

Source: Engadget

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