Multi-Purpose Solar Charger Backpack

Having enough power for portable gadgets becomes a serious concern for a highly mobile individual. Getting an available power source from the electric grid is not always the convenient option while going from one place to another. Other options like the Multi-purpose Solar Charger Backpack provides quite a welcome option for people who require power for their gadgets while on the go. The backpack includes a built-in lithium battery pack that can either be charged by sunlight, AC or stored power. It can provide a power backup for your mobile phone, PDA’s portable music players and gaming consoles as well as your laptop. It features a protection circuit that prevents charge overloads and short circuits. Aside from various connectors for different portable devices, this handy backpack also comes with a built-in ultrasonic mosquito repeller to drive those pesky insects away when outdoors. The Multi-Purpose Solar Charger Backpack is available at Brando for US$189.

Image Source: Brando

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