Mugstir Hangs with You


Are you disgusted over those potentially unsanitary communal spoons in your office pantry?  Do you feel guilty after bringing another plastic spoon to work, which contribute to environmental waste?  Worry no more, as the Quirky community presents the Mugstir, a portable spoon developed to be your one and only teaspoon on the go.

The Mugstir features a hook that hags onto the side of the coffee mug .  The handle is rubber-coated to protect the mug from scratches and your fingers from getting burned.  It can also hold about one-half teaspoon of liquid.  It measures 3 inches in length and 1.25 inches in width.  A set of three Mugstir spoons are provided for every purchase.

The Quirky Mugstir is available for pre-purchase price of only US$7.50 .  Once it comes out of the market, the Mugstir costs $12.99.  But honestly, it would be more money-saving if you just bring one ordinary teaspoon to, wash it every after use, and leave it inside the cup.

Source:  CrunchGear

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