mStation 2.1 Stereo Orb

mstation 2.1 stereo orb

The M Station Orb is so cute it could easily be placed as a sophisticated ornament in any location you decide to put it: in your living room, or kitchen, or study area, more than a gadget. Easily dubbed as a magical ball (it takes the shape of a 7.8-inch globe), this 2.1 Stereo Speaker System can be attached to iPods, mp3 players, computers and anything that comes with a standard audio output.

This features a "place and play" system: just place your iPod on the top and you are all set. Track and volume controls are on the top and the voice quality is excellent, with 2 channels of 7.5W RMS power and a 15WRMS subwoofer. This aesthetically unique $150 compact system supports iPod nano, mini, photo and iPod 10GB, 15GB, 20GB models and it has four docking adapters for iPods. It is available in a number of glossy colors-black, white, silver, blue, green, pink, or limited-edition red-with matching fabric speaker grill. The white version perrectly matches with the white iPods.

Weighing around 3lbs/1.8kg, M station works as a dock for your ipod to synchronize it with the apple’s i-tunes software through the USB cable that comes with the unit. The USB cable stays connected to your computer so you can just place your iPod on the top and synchronize.

Its small size is impressive enough to generate such loud sounds as compared to normal desktop speaker systems, although it does distort at the loudest volumes, especially if the bass level is increased.

The unit has six buttons to control playback: On/Off, Volume Down, Volume Up, Back, Forward, and Play/Pause. It comes with a very smart slim remote which has the bass and treble controls in addition to the standard power and track controls. As with any infrared remote, this one requires line-of-sight access to the Orb, but range and off-axis performance were both good.

And despite the fact that this speaker is meticulously designed for iPods, it is compatible with most mp3 players with a standard audio mini jack and cable which can be connected to all the devices which have an audio out. The only limitation being the track controls won’t be working because now you are using this thing as an amplifier. It can also be linked to your laptop and portable DVD player as well.

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