MSI Wind U90 Netbook

MSI U90 Wind

The MSI Wind U90 Netbook is a recent addition to its line of laptops and notebooks. There are a lot to be attracted to this new variant of the Wind notebook. But sad to say, there are also other features that don’t come quite well with users in the long run.

First of all, it’s good that the MSI U90 has a slightly larger screen display with its 8.9 inch LCD panel at 1024 x 600 resolution. It is just the right size to display a whole webpage and still be able to read the letters. The MSI U90 is embedded with a LED power saving backlight technology that allows brighter color displays as well as improving image quality. Its size and design also is a plus for the MSI Wind.

But then, the features may be easily downplayed by its dismal battery life. Sadly, the MSI U90 Wind only comes with a three cell battery pack that allows only around one and a half hours of power in between charges. With various Netbooks now trying to improve on their battery life, the MSI U90 Wind seems to go the opposite way. This is the area where the MSI U90 Wind may have failed to capitalize on. The sub-par battery life may make it a hard sell, even with its already incredibly attractive price of only US$350.

Image Source: MSI

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