MSI Wind U200 Ultraportable Available in Europe for Preorder

MSI Wind U200 available for preorder in Europe

Every other laptop fanatic we know is eagerly excited about the MSI Wind U200, the brand’s first CULV ultraportable.  Although the date of release is still a mystery, it seems that the notebook is now available for preorder.

The German online retailer listed the U200 for €629 (about $906), which could get you a Celeron ULV 723-powered ultraportable with 12.1-inch WXGA LED-backlit display, 4GB of RAM, 320GB hard drive, a 6-cell battery, WiFi connectivity, a gigabit Ethernet, as well as HDMI and D-Sub outputs.  Other ports include three USB 2.0 slots, a 4-in-1 card reader, VGA, and audio in/ out.  All of that weighing just under 1.5 kilograms.

We are unsure whether the site accepts orders outside of Germany, but it sure is worth a try.  After all, spending three to four weeks waiting for your sought-after MSI Wind U200 to arrive on your doorstep could be a time well spent.

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