MSI Wind U100 Sub-Notebook

Remember the time when laptops were too large that it can occupy the whole café table? Sure the performance was superb and it is portable, but you know it can be better. Good thing it is.

With technology going smaller and more efficient, it would not be too long that we get sub-notebooks, which measures about a fourth of the traditional laptop. Among the first models include the Asus Eee PC 900 and HP 2133 Mini-note, but MSI comes up with a sub-notebook of their own: The MSI Wind.

This sub-notebook is measured at a mere 10 inches of widescreen. It is slightly larger than the Eee, but who would want to watch at a 7-inch screen, much more type on such small computer? Even kid’s computers do not come with that smaller size. MSI Wind also comes with an array of cool hardware such as an Intel Atom 1.6GHz processor, 1GB memory, 80GB hard drive, an integrated webcam and stereo speakers among other things. You can also choose between Windows XP Home and Linux.

When being compared to Eee, there are some aspects that the Wind may come as lacking such as the latter’s slower performance, lack of Dolby audio system, and the vulnerability of being heavily damaged after being dropped. On the plus side, the Wind has four times the capacity of an Eee and has a full-sized keyboard.

The price can also be a bit of a turn off. The Windows XP model costs over US$550, even more expensive than some of MSI’s laptops.

Despite some of its features being pale in comparison to other contemporary sub-notebook, the MSI Wind can still hold on its own especially for those who use the keyboard more often such as bloggers.

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