MSI GX780 Gaming Notebook

Gaming notebooks are fast becoming popular because of the mobility that they can offer to gamers. Its quite welcome enough that today’s gaming notebooks are almost comparable in terms of performance to most gaming desktop rigs, with portability to boot. Notebook maker MSI is even making it more interesting by introducing its new GX780 Gaming Notebook.

The new MSI GX780 Gaming Notebook features an Intel Core i7 2630QM Processor with NVIDIA GeForce Graphics with a dedicated 1GB DDR5 VRAM. It has a 17 inch Full HD Anti-reflective screen and a12GB DDR3 system memory. It is equipped with a 750GB hard drive and a 720p HD webcam.

The MSI GX780 Gaming Notebook is designed in partnership with gaming peripheral manufacturer SteelSeries. One if its contributions is the full color backlit keyboard fitted into the gaming notebook that is enhanced for gaming. The new MSI GX780 Gaming Notebook is available at MSI for US$1550.

Image Source: MSI

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