MSI GX630 Gamer Laptop

MSI GX630 Laptop

Gamers look for a laptop that can offer them with almost the same level of performance as a desktop but in something that is portable. Not only that, many gamers also look into attractive design exteriors as part of their preferences when looking for a gaming laptop. This is what the MSI GX630 tries to offer.

The MSI GX630 laptop combines sleek design and a great gaming experience for gamers. Equipped with the AMD Turion X2 Ultra Dual-Core Processor, 512 GB RAM, and a dedicated 512 GBDDR3 VRAM nVidia GeForce graphics and video module, the MSI GX provides more than enough juice to run even the graphics heavy games available. It also features the exclusive Turbo Drive Engine Technology that allows users to increase CPU speed with a touch of a button.

Other features of the MSI GX630 include the power saving ECO Engine Power Management System, allowing users to switch to different power modes as required to save on battery life. The basic model comes with a 160 GB HDD as well as a DVD Super Multi/ Blu Ray Drive. A2.0 webcam is also available along with Wi-Fi support, multi-card reader and a 15.4" Amazing Crystal Vision LCD widescreen display.  All these features are enclosed in an ultra-lightweight aluminum alloy casing highlighted with red borders lining the laptop’s edges. The MSI GX630 gamer laptop is both attractive inside and outside.

Image Source: MSI

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