MSI GT628 Gaming Laptop

msi gt628

The ever-growing market for portable gaming devices has sparked tight competition among computer manufacturers. MSI is one of the leading makers of mobile gaming computers and many have been joining the bandwagon in attempts at penetrating the lucrative market.

But MSI makes another headline when it announced earlier this month its new gaming notebook, the GT628 Gaming Laptop. This gaming device features technologies and multimedia functions that hard-core gamers will surely love.

The GT628 features the new NVIDIA GTS 160M GPU with 1GB of DDR3 graphics memory. Equipped with this chip, it can provide dependable support for multimedia functions, especially gaming technologies, while providing striking 3D graphics.

To give faster performance, it also uses the newest Intels Centrino 2 technology and the MSI’s Turbo Drive Engine. This unique technology improves the CPU’s clock rate by enhancing the speed of chipsets, card, video, and RAM.

Other features of the GT628 are built-in 2-pixel camera, 7.1ch Dolby Certified Audio, 802.11n wireless networking for faster Internet access, Bluetooth technology, 320GB SATA HDD, Eco Engine Technology, and HDMI output. It also features NVIDIA’s HybridPower technology, which will allow you to minimize power consumption.

The GT628 Gaming Laptop will be available in the United States in the middle of next month. Meanwhile, MSI has not disclosed the price yet.

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