MSI Graphics Upgrade Solution Needs an ExpressCard Slot

After external hard drives, there is a rising need for external graphics cards, which intends to accelerate the gaming performance of laptops. However, there are not much external graphics cards that are readily available in the market until now.

The Graphics Upgrade Solution by MSI provides enough power to ease out the gaming experience of laptop users. It is connected to the computer via the ExpressCard slot and comes with its own power brick that can support GPUs with up to 84W TDP. Expect, however, that laptop gaming using the GUS may not be as flawless as a full desktop, but it will surely lighten the load especially when it comes to watching HD movies.

The MSI Graphics Upgrade Solution will be sold between US$99 and $109. Upgraded graphics options are also available and will be sold from $169 to $229.

Source: Bit-Tech, via Engadget

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