MS Lite Magnet-Friendly Wallcovering

Refrigerator magnets sure are cool to use. While they usually serve a purpose being stuck on the fridge door, some kids would sometimes play with them just for fun. But wouldn’t it be even more fun if kids are able to play with such on the wall of a room instead of just on the fridge door? That is what the MS Lite Magnet-Friendly Wallcovering offers.

The MS Lite Wallcovering from MagScapes is unlike any ordinary wallpaper. This wallcovering has ferrous particles that are bound into the material, making them attract low-power magnets. Cover a wall with this magnet-friendly wallcovering and you get a wall that you can get a variety of magnets to stick into. It also makes an attractive play area for kids fascinated with magnets. The MS Lite Magnet-Friendly Wallcovering is available at MagScapes for 85 UK Pounds for a 5m roll. That’s around US$133 a roll.

Image Source: MagScapes

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