Mr. Jones Satellite 24-Hour Watch

There are watches that are designed for show and there are ones designed for function. This time it seems, more and more watches are designed to give some air of mystery to it. There are watches designed like the Mr. Jones Satellite 24-Hour Watch that gives you more than just an essential function.

The Mr. Jones Satellite 24-Hour Watch is designed with a unique dial face for starters. Instead of the usual 12-hour format, this watch as a 24-hour dial face that makes a full revolution for a total of a day. Not only that, the watch also comes with an hour and minute indicator that looks like a planet revolving around a center, complete with changing colors that transition just like the phases of the moon. The Mr. Jones Satellite 24-Hour Watch will be available in limited edition with only 100 pieces produced. It will be available by mid-November at Watchismo and is expected to cost around US$195.

Image Source: Watchismo

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