mPower Emergency Illuminator

mPower Emergency Illuminator

Even exquisite design can now be found in such everyday gadgets such as your ordinary flashlight. In the case of the mPower Emergency Illuminator, the design itself gets your attention the moment you see it. Thanks to the people at Porsche Design Studio, the mPower does not hesitate to catch your attention and make you look into it a bit closer.

A closer look at the mPower Emergency Illuminator and you get to know better the technology developed behind it. It is equipped with two CR123 3-volt primary lithium batteries which can be replaced after years of use. The Emergency Illuminator provides a high intensity 180 lumens LED light source.

Another feature is that the mPower also contains the mPower On Command Reserved Battery that has a shelf life of 20 years when not in use. It is designed to provide full charge upon manual activation even decades after. Not only that, it also is equipped with a USB plug adaptor that allows you to charge up various mobile phones and other portable electronic devices during emergencies. As amazing as this mPower Emergency Illuminator may be, its price of US$289 may take you back a bit. It is available at mPower as well as at Amazon if such items really appeal to you.

Image Source: mPower

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