Mpow Streambot Slider Bluetooth Dongle

MpowMost portable music players today come with advanced features and enhancements that similar devices in the past do not. Some offer Bluetooth connectivity in order to allow wireless streaming convenience to compatible Bluetooth speakers. It provides a convenience especially when users do not want to deal with wires. But there are others that may own such a media player but use older speakers that are not Bluetooth compatible. Instead of throwing away those old speakers to buy more expensive Bluetooth-compatible ones, why not try out the Mpow Streambot Slider Bluetooth Dongle first?

The Mpow Streambot Slider Bluetooth Dongle is a music streaming receiver adapter that allows users to provide Bluetooth connectivity to otherwise non-Bluetooth gadgets like speakers and car stereos. This tiny dongle features a slot for a 3.5mm audio jack on one end and a USB on the other. Users only need to connect the audio jack into the Mpow Streambot Slider dongle and connect the USB to a power source. The speakers will now be able to receive signals via a Bluetooth connection. You can now stream your music files wirelessly to your old speakers this way.

The Mpow Streambot Slider comes with a chip that enables a better and more stable Bluetooth signal range so you can enjoy uninterrupted music streaming to your speakers. Its portable design allows you to carry it wherever you go. The Mpow Streambot Slider Bluetooth Dongle is available at Amazon for $11. It sure beats buying new but expensive Bluetooth speakers by a long shot.

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