MP4 Wrist Watch

Scan 4GB MP4 Watch

The evolution of the wrist watch just got even better. No longer do they just tell you the time or the date, the latest wrist watch models now have something more to offer. Aside from telling time, how about listening to your favorite songs or watching movies from your watch?

The MP4 4GB watch with FM Transmitter watch from Scan allows you to listen to stored digital audio and video right from your wrist watch. The SCAN SC-W10 Multimedia watch allows you to store and play your favorite audio and video files as well as other multimedia content right into your wrist watch.

The SCAN SC-W10 comes with a 4 GB storage capacity, way enough for you to store quite a collection of your favorite mp3 tunes. Videos can also be stored in .mtv format and may be enjoyed on your own wrist watch anytime. Overall, this amazing wrist watch can store up to a thousand songs that you can play for as long as six hours straight. Playing videos on the watch may take as long as five hours.

The SCAN SC-W10 Multimedia watch comes with a 1.8" OLED color screen where menu functions may be accessed. The wrist watch also features a wireless function by its use of an FM transmitter to allow users to enjoy music straight from the car radio. An ear bud headphone is also included with the watch for a more private listening experience.

Image Source: Scan Computers International Ltd

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